Custom Field Type: LinkList

So, it took me quite some time to get around to this, but it’s almost time for a BETA release of a field type I needed for a project a while back.


The Link List field type uses all standard Sitecore UI for editing links.

Developers – here’s what you need to know

The field type stores all data as XML. Each link is represented by a  node. The node is a standard Sitecore links node.

Beta release disclaimer blah blah

Well, as with most beta releases – it hasn’t been tested thoroughly¬†and some features are/may be missing.

So where and when can I download?!

Patients is a virtue. I have some odd code to sort out still. The module will (hopefully) be released on the Sitecore Shared Source initiative during august 2012.


I’ll post it as soon as it’s done!

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