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Gotcha: Dictionary entries, keys, diff tool and the “Furniture version”

This one got me pretty good… We’ve been heavy at work with a rather large Sitecore solution when, from nowhere, the Diff tool started showing weird version numbers in the select lists. And by weird, I don’t mean like “Version

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A Shiny New Field Type: LinkList

[updated 2014-11-09] According to reports and comments, this module is not compatible with Sitecore 7.2 (and up). The code is available on Github for anyone to grab a copy and fix the problem. If you do, please be kind and

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Page Editor: Clear Image Field from Sitecore Page Editor

Update October 3, 2012 Apparently, there was already a solution available. Apparently, they teach you this in Sitecore education these days. Apparently, my Google skills sucks. Here’s a better solution: http://mdpcode.be/blog/2012/05/page-editor-clear-image-button/ (Kudos @kayeeNL) – – – We had a need to enable

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Quick Tip: A Quicker Content Preview

This might come off as a bit obvious, but chances are it might be news to some people; Previewing content in Sitecore is dull. There, I said it. It takes a couple of clicks to get your page previewed (Hit

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Quick tip: Item URLs based on Context Language

Normally an item’s URL is generated from the item’s name. We recently needed to have item URLs differ between languages. The solution was quite simple: set the linkmanager to use display name when generating URLs! The display name is language

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Quick tip: Retrieving Sitecore Items from a WCF Service

In order to retrieve Sitecore Items from inside of a WCF Service you can get the database using var db = Sitecore.Configuration.Factory.GetDatabase("web"); and then simply call var item = db.GetItem("sitecore/content/Home/Item");. However, the WCF service is completely unaware of the Sitecore

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